Seeking for witnesses

Seeking for witnesses

Appeal for witnesses who could shed light on some dark spots in the case of the Bulgarian Ivan Georgiev, who was found chopped, send his sister.

Police asks witnesses to murder...

By order of the Prosecutor of Athens, photos and personal data of a woman were released who was murdered at a young age.

Was found dead at the Unclaimed

Was found dead at the Unclaimed

In the morgue of Athens at the unclaimed was for eight days the 37-year old Nikos Hamamis, who had lost on Friday November 7th from the flea market in Kolonaki.

She was as unclaimed for two months

Eugenia Tsakouti, who had disappeared on July 2, was for two months in the morgue of Korinthos as unclaimed.

Alex case

The case that shocked Greece


Disappearances that became legends

Together with

Together with Angeliki