A TV show of research and investigation that has been awarded by social organizations while holding a prominent position in the Guinness Book of World Records. It is being broadcast for 20 years from Alpha Channel with Angeliki Nikolouli as presenter and editor in chief. It is a live TV show, with long duration that searches people who are missing under strange circumstances and their disappearance has been reported to the Police.
We mostly give emphasis at the disappearances of children and old people.
The experienced TV show and especially the consistent and careful research that is being made, frequently prove that many cases that in the beginning seem to be ordinary cases of disappearance, are directed crimes. (Tunnel has played a significant role in the investigation of twenty three  murders). Furthermore, with its thorough research it proved that sixteen cases that remain in Authorities archives, are murders. (Find details at the sections Crime without punishment and Thrillers in the dark).
In our web site you will read about people who went missing at specific dates. Please inform us if you know anything about them. (With the help of our viewers, about 1510 people have been found in about 730 episodes of our show).
From this year Fos sto Tunnel uses even more the power of new technologies and Internet. Visit the chat in our site during the broadcast so as to discuss live with viewers and journalists of our show. Finally, you can fill out the contact form so as to give us information about a missing person.