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Τhe trial for those responsible of the Dairy School began

At the three Judges Misdemeanors Appeal Court of Ioannina started on Friday, October 21, the trial ...

Trial for the widow of the Valley

In the dock of Mixed Jury Court will eventually sit the "widow of the captain of the Valley."

The trial for the murder of Kostis starts

On Tuesday, November 8 starts the trial for the murder of Kostis Polyzos at the Mixed Jury Court o...

She was murdered by the man she loved- He was trapped in 'Tunnel'

On Friday, February 23rd of 2006, because of the trial of Danos Mouratidis- murderer of Kiki Kousoglou in Veroia

The revealing research of 'Tunnel'

Journalist Angeliki Nikolouli talked with citizens, teachers, friends and schoolmates of Alex and walked along all possi...

He killed him and was staying with the b...

Friday, December 3rd of 2010. Horror was brought to light.